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Name: Choose a name for your trip (for example weekend in Paris).

Trip Picture: Please choose a photo from your computer that is relevant to your trip (for a weekend in Paris an appropriate picture for example would be the Eiffel Tower).

Description: Please write a long description here about your new trip (remember to make it sound appealing to the customer as this will be displayed on your website).

Short Description: Please write a short description about your trip.

Category: Please select a category that is relevant for this trip from the drop down.

International: Turn ON if you are leaving the Country where you are based as this will prompt your customers that book through your website for their their passport details. If not International leave turned OFF.

Booking Deadline: From the drop down menu please select the number of days prior to departure you want your customers to be able to book.

Create on Demand: If turned on your passengers will be given the days of the week to choose when they will be able to book their trip.

Pickup Points: If you have various pickup points for this trip please switch them on.

Travel Times: If picking up at multiple pick up points please enter a travel time.

Markup: Enter a figure here in your currency if you want to add a markup on the price for this pickup.