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To add New Users or edit existing users click on Tools on the Taskbar, then Config. On the left-hand side of your screen, a box opens showing Edit Users. Create a New User by clicking on New User and choosing which options/access levels you want the user to have. To edit an existing user click on the pen next to their name and edit accordingly.


User Name: Enter a username that allows you to log in to eCoachManager - spaces and capitals are allowed but they must be entered by the user in this format.

Status: Select an appropriate status for the user's account. Note that if select Inactive status, the user will not have the ability to log into the system."

Phone: Enter the user's direct line phone number, extension, or mobile. This is for internal use only.

Password: Choose a password to log into eCoachManager. Choose a minimum of 6 characters and the password must contain both numbers and letters.

Email Address: When an email address is entered here - then any emails sent by this user will be from this email address. Leave this field blank if you want all your emails to come from the default sales email address in the Company Data field.

Auto Refresh: This determines how often your booking screen will auto-refresh. For most operators and coach companies, this can be set to 0. For taxi companies or very busy operators where your data is changing regularly then this can be set to any value. We recommend nothing less than 15 seconds.

Access Level: Set the required level of access for your user account. You must first set the user levels in Config > Users access levels.

Calling Type: If using a voice-over-internet account (such as Skype or another voice-over IP service) please select a program or leave it blank.

Categories: Select a user category from the available options. You can create and manage these categories in the 'User Categories' section within the Configurations menu.

Language: Please select your native language.

Home Page Defaults: Select from the drop-down boxes how you want your home page filtering to appear when you first log in to eCoachManager.

Message Type: Please turn on or off these pop-up message options which will appear in the bottom left of your eCoachManager screen anytime a new payment/enquiry/booking/quote is made.

CSS Theme: From the drop-down box please select one of the themes available. This will give your eCoachManager more of a personal makeover color scheme. This only affects your login.

Company Profile: Choose the company profiles that the user will have permission to access.

Quote Filters: Set filters to determine which quotes this user is permitted to view.

Email Signature: Copy and paste your personal email signature here, your signature will appear every time you send an email out from the system. Should you leave this blank then the system will use the default signature found in Config > Emails > Standard Texts > Select Company > Webmail Signature.

Restricted Login Access: Activate this option to limit the user's system access to predefined working days and hours. This will ensure the user can only log in during the specified times.