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To create your new trip, click on Trips on the Toolbar, then click New Trip and then follow the Tool Tips below. Remember to click save once you have completed creating your new trip.


Category: Please select the most relevant category for your new trip from the drop down menu.

Trip Type: Please select the trip type from the drop down menu.

Price Group: Please enter the trip price for the categories of customers, this price will be seen when they book the trip.

Date and Time: Please select the date and time that this trip departs.

Booking Deadline: Please enter the latest date your customers will be able to book this trip before departure date.

Capacity: From the drop down select the maximum amount of passengers you can take on this trip.

Vehicle: From the drop down menu select the vehicle that will be used on this trip.

Driver: From the drop down menu select the driver who will be driving the vehicle for this trip.

Hotel: If you have an overnight stay for this trip please select the hotel you wish to use,select start date and how many nights in the next box and then click save.