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Email Settings - Configuration page for the emails sent out from the system.

It is divided into several sections, each containing options that can be toggled on or off. Here is what each section and setting are for:

Emails to Customer: Options here relate to the information included in emails sent to customers.

Hide driver details from customer: Whether or not to show driver details in customer communications.

Include Date in Subject: Whether to include the date in the email subject line.

Disable Customer Login Email: Option to turn off emails sent to customers for login purposes.

Invoices: Settings related to the content of invoices sent to customers.

Hide pay link from the invoice: Whether to show or hide the payment link in the invoices.

Emails to Drivers: These options pertain to the emails sent to drivers.

Hide driver pay from job sheet/confirm: Options to hide payment details in job sheets or confirmation emails.

Include Date in Subject: As with customer emails, whether to include the date in the subject line of emails to drivers.

Disable driver confirmation in email: Option to turn off email confirmations to drivers.

Disable passenger contact details to drivers: Whether to hide passenger contact details from drivers.

Disable email no longer assigned to drivers: Possibly an option to disable notifications to drivers when they are no longer assigned to a job.

Affiliate Bids: Related to the bidding process within the system.

Switch off Email Notification of new bids: An option to disable email notifications for new bid activity.

Show Vehicle Image: Controls related to vehicle images.

Show Vehicle images?: Whether to display images of vehicles.

Link to Vehicle gallery?: Option to include a link to a gallery of vehicle images.