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The routing rules are used to define the routing of quotes from the front-end website and from the API These quotes are assigned to salespeople based on these rules. Routing rules can be quite complex, and so care should be taken before adding or amending these rules. Incorrectly defining the rules could result in either having quotes being incorrectly assigned, or not assigned to anyone at all.


Navigate to Routing Rules by selecting: Tools - Config - Vehicle Options - Routing Rules

We already see a few things that need explaining. Not first, that these routing rules are enabled. That means that the incoming quotes will pass through these rules The second thing to note is the Average jobs over and the Maximum Adjustment. The idea here is to ensure there is some balance and that one staff member is not favored by the allocation of quotes over another with the same rules applied.

Top Tips

Rule Name This is simply a name to easily identify the intent of the rule

Priority This indicates the order in which the rules are run. The highest priority is to run first

Exclusive This means that the rule is considered independent of any other rule

Minimum Price Rules can be assigned based on the suggested price. So here we can see the price range to consider when applying this rule

Maximum Price Same idea as above - specifying a price range



Vehicle types

Journey Types

Staff included

Staff excluded

To better understand these rules, let’s examine and breakdown one of the existing rules

If amendments need to be made to the routing rules these can be tested in the UAT environment first.

Always remove or exclude staff from the routing rules when they leave, as quotes may still be assigned to them.