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Routes - Specify a collection and destination location then Vehicle Type the Route will apply to. Set a price for a one-way journey and if needed a Return journey price. If you want to charge the same for outward and return select Applies To Reverse Journey.

If you only want the Fixed Price Route to apply to an Account Customer select the account at the bottom from the Drop Down.

To add a route for your Fixed Prices click on Tools on the Taskbar then Config. Click on Fixed Prices then click Routes. Choose your Collection Address from a Location you have previously added and a Destination Address from a Location you have previously added. Select the Vehicle Type, then insert the Price you want to charge for this fixed route. Select the Customer Account and company profiles for this fixed route and then click Apply. Repeat the process to add additional fixed routes.


Collection Address: You must enter Config>Fixed Prices>Categories and Config>Fixed Prices>Locations before entering fixed routes. Please select a collection address from the drop-down menu.

Destination Address: Please select a destination address from the drop-down menu.

Price: Enter the price you want for the vehicle to go from collection to destination address.

Return Price: Enter a price here if you want to have a fixed out and return price. This will ignore the length of waiting time.

Account: Fixed prices can apply to all trips or just for selected accounts. If you have an account customer, you can select from the drop-down box the customer that this fixed price route applies to (If no account customers then please skip).

Company Profiles: Select the profiles to apply to.

Apply to Reverse Journey: Turn on if the price for the outward journey is going to be the same as the return.