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To set the information for your quote form settings click on Tools on the Taskbar then Config. Click on Site Option then Quote Form Settings. Choose the maximum number of passengers you can carry on your vehicles and enter that number into the box, then choose the On/Off buttons on the other options to suit your requirements


Distance Unit: Select the unit of distance in Miles, Kilometers, or Nautical Miles.

Maximum passengers: Enter the maximum amount of passengers your largest vehicle can accommodate.

Airplane Mode:

Checkboxes Company name/flight number/flight arrival time/view route/journey type/How did you hear about us?/12-hour Time/24-hour Time/Collect email in the first stage/hide home number/Require mobile number - Turn on this feature if you want to collect this data from your customers when they obtain a quote from your website.

Vehicle hide: Various vehicle types can be chosen from this menu, to hide certain vehicle options from the quote form.

Default map: Please enter your company address and locate it in the map (search by postcode or full address).

Region: Select the region that your business is based and operates from.

Search Country: Select the country that your business is based and operates from.

Quotation Form in advance

If the "Minimum day ahead" is set to "X day(s)", which means the quotation form can be filled out at least X day in advance of the service needed.

"Warning text", is displayed when the condition is not met.

Confirm Booking in advance

If the "Minimum day ahead" is set to "X day(s)", meaning the booking needs to be confirmed at least X days in advance.

"Warning text", is displayed if the quote is not confirmed in advance.

When finished click Apply