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To personalise the system to your requirements click on Tools on the Taskbar, then Config. On the left hand side of your screen a box opens showing Standard Callbacks, Delete Reasons, User Columns and Invoice Logo.

Click on Standard Callbacks then click on Add New Record Add the dialogue you require and complete hours/days as required and click save changes. Follow the same procedure for Delete Reasons adding information to suit your requirements and remember to click save changes.

To personalise the user columns click on User Columns You will see Column A and Column B.

To choose the order that Quote ID, Name, Booking date etc appear on your homepage screen, choose column A and click and drag to the position required.

First place equals first column on your homepage screen and subsequent placings will move across your screen accordingly. Click on UPDATE at the bottom of your screen when you have personalised the column.

Once you have personalised column A you can then do the same with column B, remembering to click on UPDATE to save your settings.

For Invoice Logo, Click on Invoice Logo then click the upload your Company Logo and locate from your files.