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To set up Payment Options on your system click Tools on the Taskbar then Config. Click on Finance and then Payment Options. Choose which options you want enabled by clicking the On/Off buttons on each payment option. Choose any dialogue you wish to enter into each box for the options chosen, choose any surcharge options and add as required. Insert a nominal code to suit your company accounts system and then set the parameters for receiving payment from your customers for the chosen option. When you have completed your payment options click Save. If you edit any details always remember to click Save to update your system.


Payment Options: Please turn on each of the payment options you wish to offer your customers, by clicking enable.

Payment Details: Please supply relevant information to instruct your customers how to pay for their trip. (example for bank transfer enter bank account details for receiving payment).

Surcharge: If customers are paying by a certain payment method that has a surcharge please enter the figure in the boxes.

Fixed: Enter a figure here in your currency for the surcharge.

Surcharge Percentage: Enter a surcharge figure in % here.

Nominal Code: Enter the nominal code here for all transactions for this payment method (this will be used with Sage).

Availability: Please select from the drop down menu how many days before the date of the departure you expect your customers to pay using this payment method.