Luggage Types

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Luggage types are configured so that a predefined list of luggage types can be selected for each quote.

Luggage types must be configured correctly so the correct amount of ‘weighting” is configured to allow for space on the vehicle and is linked to each vehicle type.

Example: A 16-seater Minibus configured in the vehicle types category When a luggage type is configured it is given a “weighting” equal to the amount of seats or passengers on the vehicle.

So Hand Luggage is given a weight of 2 equal to 2 seats on the vehicle, Larger luggage such as golf bags are given a weight of 3.5 (1 set of golf bags per passenger)


To add a new Luggage type navigate to Tools, Config, Vehicle Options, and Luggage types.

Select Add New Luggage Type

First, a size must entered, this defines the Weight of the luggage types and the number of seats this will take up. Enter the size and then next enter the name of the luggage type.

When renaming or amending existing luggage types, keep to the same category. Hand Luggage can be renamed to Hand Luggage/Backpacks but not to a different Category altogether

Remember that if you are deleting luggage types they will become unavailable to select from the quote form and the website.

Tips Keep the naming of the types short but you can also add a short extra description such as the type of bags accepted.