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To add a location for your Fixed Prices, click on Tools on the Taskbar then Config. Click on Fixed Prices then click Locations. Click Create New Location

Give the Location a name, it does not have to be the actual name, name it something specific to your business for easy identification.

Select a category and a description if needed.

Now type in the actual location and click on the find button to locate it,

Then select the radius around the location. By selecting a radius around the location any address that falls within the radius will fall into the specified location and will follow the pricing rule for the Route. Lat Long coordinates will be created automatically and if needed you can set Pre-arrival and post-arrival times. Lastly, select the Company profiles to apply to.


Place: Please enter a location (for example Birmingham airport).

Category: From the drop-down box please choose a category for your new location.

Description: Here you can write a short description of this location. This field is not a requirement.

Find Location: Please enter your new location in the box and click find. The system will search for the new location on Google Maps - if correct press save on the bottom of the page.

Within: Please select how many miles/km from the new location you wish the system to use as the boundary for that location.

Latitude: You can enter here the latitude of your location if the previous step did not find it.

Longitude: You can enter the longitude of your location here see previous step.