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Each vehicle must have a mileage band to charge per mile.

A mileage band works as a virtual tariff. So we can set as in the screenshot below, multiple limits per vehicle type.

First, we will select the vehicle type and then the mileage limit. The limit is the price you will charge up to the limit. In this case 2.25 up to 40 miles, we then need to set a limit for anything over 40 miles. So we can create another limit of 200 miles and then anything over 40 miles and up to 200 miles will be charged at the rate we decide. In this case, the 200-mile limit is 1.90. So 41 miles would be charged at 2.25 for each mile up to 40 and 1.90 for the miles over 40 up to the limit of 200. So for our journey of 41 miles, we would charge: 40 * 2.25 plus 1 * 1.90 = 91.90

If you set your upper Limit too low and a journey exceeds your upper limit, say over 200 and there is no limit above that it will charge 0 for the subsequent miles.

Fix: Set a reasonable upper limit of 1000 so anything above your last limit will have a charge against it.

To set your mileage band charges, click on Tools on the Taskbar then Config. Click on Vehicle Options then click KM Bands. Choose the vehicle from the list previously created in vehicle types, then choose the parameters you wish to set for Hours Limit and Price. You can choose as many parameter variations as you require.


Vehicle: Please select the vehicle from the drop-down menu at the top of the page.

KM limit: Enter a mileage limit (this will be the maximum mileage for the price you enter in the next field. You can set up multiple bands at different rates per mile up to the mileage limit). This millage is calculated after any free mileage that is included in the base charge.

Price: Enter a price per mile up to the mileage limit that you have set up in the previous field.