Journey Types

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Each quote in the system must belong to a journey type, the journey type is used to categorize different types of journeys to be used for reporting purposes and can also define the type of questions for the quote type.

To add a new Journey type navigate to Tools, config, vehicle options, and Journey Types.

Select Add New Journey Type.

Enter a name for the new journey type.

Enter the Nominal Code and cleaning time if needed.

Select the color for the journey type.

Once the journey type is entered this is now available in the drop-down list of options when a new quote is entered.

For each specific journey type a list of predefined questions can be configured to be displayed to the user depending on the type of journey selected. For Example: If the journey type is a School trip a question can be configured to pop up when the quote is entered to check if Toilet stops are needed or additional requirements on the vehicle.

Do not change the existing journey types from one type to another as this will affect any jobs already in the system