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Extra Item Group - Group listed Extras together

Start with Categories:

Click on Add New Record to begin creating new categories within the Extra Item Group

Enter Group Details:

Fill in the 'Group detail' section by specifying the following:

Category: Choose the category from the available options or create a new one.

Group Name: Provide a name for the group that will contain the extra items.

Detail: Add any relevant details that describe or specify the nature of the extra item group.

Once you have entered all the necessary information, click on 'Save' to store the group details in the system.

Adding Items to the Category:

Add Items:

After saving the group, click on Add New Record again, but this time to add individual items inside the category you have just created.

Enter Item Details:

For each item you wish to add, provide the following details:

Item Name: The name of the individual extra item.

Item Picture: Upload a picture of the item if it is available. This could be done through an upload button or drag-and-drop interface within the system.

Finalize the Item:

With the item name and picture uploaded, finalize the addition by saving the new record for each item.