Hourly Bands

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Each vehicle must have an hourly band to calculate the cost per hour if any. Think of the hourly band as Journey time.


An hourly band works as a virtual tariff. For example,

Standard MPV has 2 limits set.

Journey up to 8 hours charged at 14.50 per hour or part thereof Journey up to 15 hours charged at 17.00 per hour or part thereof

So a 9-hour journey would be 8 * 14.50 then we would add the 1 hour at 17.00 for a total of 133

If you do not set a realistic upper limit as in the case above there is only a charge set up to 15 hours, so any hours over 15 will be charged at 0.0 Fix: Set a limit in hours of 24 with a rate against it

Use the hourly bands in conjunction with a calendar rule, so jobs that extend over a specific time i.e. 10.00 pm will incur an uplift.