Google Checkout Setup

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Integrating Google Checkout Payment Option

Google checkout is fully integrated into eCoachManager and allows you to take online payments by credit card quickly and easily.

All payments will be recorded within eCoachManager and will update bookings automatically.

5 minute setup guide

1) Log in to your Google checkout account.

2) If you see your purchase history then click “My Sales” in the top right, if not stay where you are.

3) On the top left corner click settings.

4) On the menu on the left click integration.

5) Tick the box "My company will only post digitally signed carts".

6) In API callback enter "URL:"

7) Callback contents: "Notification Serial Number"

8) API Version select "Version 2.5"

9) Make a note of both the "Google merchant ID" and the "Google merchant key".

10) In eCoachManager->Config->Finance enter the details from the previous step and set the switch to "On".

Checkout settings.jpg