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Global Config: Checkable options for global settings of the system, including:

Force Select Profile

Show pending job in Callback page

Disable auto recalculate movement time

Include wait time in base charge

Use new design Quote page (Sales Screen)

Enable book now button

Turn off force locate

Require fields for 'Complete Job'

Multiple Vat calculation

Allowed IP Address: Click the "Add New" button to add new IP addresses to the whitelist.

Geofencing: The new version of the driver app includes the ability to be able to automatically trigger on-site and en route activity through geofencing technology.

The driver still can manually trigger events on the app in case of exceptional circumstances such as skipping a stop due to traffic.

Under the accounts section, there is an option to enable/disable geofencing.

When enabled all contracts and job patterns will be updated to include a default radius around each pickup/drop-off point.

This default radius can be changed globally or per stop.

The radius is set globally to 50 meters but can be changed depending on the location of the stop.

If changed here in the glocal settings then this will take effect on all new contracts created.

Confidence relates to the delay before events are triggered.

Globally this is set to 6 seconds, This means that if a tablet enters a fence the tablet with check 3 times in 6 seconds before the event is fired to prevent incorrect events being triggered.

This works for both entry and exit events.

When geofencing has been enabled on an account the tracking page will also show the radius of the points when selecting the vehicle.


When geofencing is enabled on the account any jobs that have already been created must be re-spawned for the radius changes to take effect.

Before Geofencing is enabled on any account ensure that appropriate route analysis has taken place to check the stops on the routes and make sure that the fences do not overlap.

Drivers are also still required to interact with the tablet in exceptional circumstances such as missing stops completely due to traffic problems, then the stop must be manually skipped on the app.


Geo-fencing radius can be changed to better optimize the routes. For example, if a driver sometimes doesn't stop at a point the radius can be widened to ensure the events are triggered as they pass through.