Force Single Journeys

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To add data for Force Single Journeys, click on Tools on the Taskbar then Config. Click on Vehicle Options then click on Force Single Journeys. As with hourly bands and mileage bands, choose the vehicle type from a list previously added and then input Mile and Hours Wait data as desired. When you have added your data click Save. You can choose as many variations for each vehicle type as desired.


Force single Journeys: Please select your vehicle from the drop down box. Choose a quote match this criteria then the system will assume that the vehicle will not wait and will charge as two single trips. You may discount the second part of the trip if you feel two individual single trips are to expensive.

Miles: Please enter a mileage limit here.

Hours Wait: Please enter how many hours you will wait given the miles you entered in the previous field.

Percentage: The % amount you want to charge for the return trip.