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This page is a record of the update history on eCoachManager since 12th September 2012.

Prior to this date eCoachManager was maintained on a fairly adhoc basis, delivery changes whenever they were requested and ready.

This worked extremely well in the early days of the software, often releasing minor feature requests in hours, or even minutes!

However as the system has grown so has the need for a more structured development, testing and release program.

Currently eCoachManager is running on a 2 week release schedule, with updates every second Wednesday.

Current Development

In progress - eCoachManager v2.23 - 4th September 2013

Version History

eCoachManager v2.22 - 21st Aug 2013

We temporarily returned to a period of rolling releases for bug fixes while working on some significant upgrades to the tours and accounts systems.

eCoachManager v2.21 - 26th Apr 2013

eCoachManager v2.20 - 10th Apr 2013

eCoachManager v2.19 - 30th Jan 2013

eCoachManager v2.18 - 16th Jan 2013

eCoachManager v2.17 - 3rd Jan 2013

eCoachManager v2.16 - 12th December 2012

eCoachManager v2.15 - 28th November 2012

eCoachManager v2.14 - 14th November 2012

eCoachManager v2.13 - 24th October 2012

eCoachManager v2.12 - 10th October 2012

eCoachManager v2.11 - 26th September 2012

eCoachManager v2.10 - 12th September 2012