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To add customers click on Contacts on the Taskbar and choose Customers Click on New Customer and fill in data as required then click on Save. You can choose to put each new customer you create into a category if required.

This is where spot hire customer information is stored. For Account customers see the next section.


email: Please enter email address for this customer (this field must be filled).

First Name: Enter customer's first name.

Surname: Enter customers surname.

Date: Enter the date that this customer first used your services.

Company Name: Enter their company name here.

Postal Address: Enter their full postal address including postcode.

Landline Phone: Enter their main landline number.

Mobile Phone: Enter their mobile number.

Automated emails: Turn on if you want the customer to receive the automated emails that the system sends out otherwise leave off.

Status: Please select from drop down what type of customer this is.

Sales Person: From the drop down please select a Salesperson within your company that deals with this customer otherwise leave on no salesperson.

Account: Select only if they are an account customer from the drop down menu.

Callback Date: If you want to set a callback for this customer enter date and time here.

New Log Text: Any information can be entered here regarding this customer.

Customer Categories/Name: Add a category name here and update categories, you will then be able to categorize new customers when you add them into the system.