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To manually add a job, go to Jobs on the Taskbar, click on New Job A screen will appear which will require the fields marked with a red asterisk completed and any other useful information as required in the box on the left. Choose and click whether to Save and Send, Quick Save or Quick Price. If you click either Quick Save or Quick Price a suggested price will appear. You can choose to use this price or change the price, whichever you choose you need to put your chosen price into the Vehicle Price Box. This will then automatically show on the Total Price Box and will include any extras that have been added.

Clicking Save and Send will save the job and send an E mail and SMS quotation to your customer if these options are turned on in your user personalisation.


email Address: Please enter email address for this customer (this must be filled in).

Name: Enter full name of the customer who is booking the trip.

Phone: Enter customers landline number here.

Mobile: Enter customers mobile telephone number here.

Company: If a company trip please enter the name of the company.

External Reference Number: If customer has reference number enter here otherwise leave blank.

Pickup Date: Please select a pickup date and time here for the outward leg of the journey.

Return Date: Please select a return date and time here if the journey is a return.

Collection Address: Please enter a pickup location and click locate this will open up a map box if the pickup point is correct close the box.

Destination Address: Please enter destination location and click locate this will open up a map box if the destination is correct close the box.

Extra Drops: Please select extra drops if there are any, enter location and find. This will bring a new box up,select on what part of the journey you will make the extra drops(outward or return) and if any waiting time involved.

As Directed: If you have an as directed rate set up and the customer wants to book the vehicle for a certain amount of hours please select from drop down menu.

Flight Number: If customer is coming via airport transfer enter the flight number here.

Fight Arrival: Enter a flight arrival date and time.

Passengers: From drop down please select the amount of passengers for this journey.

Vehicle Type: From drop down select the vehicle to be used on this journey.

Luggage: From drop down select the type/amount of luggage customers will take on journey.

Journey Type: If known select from drop down the type of trip your customers will be making (business, school etc).

Lead Passenger email: Enter email address of lead passenger here.

Name: Enter full name of lead passenger here.

Phone Number: Enter telephone number of lead passenger here.

Vehicle Price: Please enter the vehicle price here and click in next box.

Total Price: The total price should be displayed here if last step was taken.

Balance Due Date: If balance due date is not shown enter a date that the customer has to settle the full payment amount for this journey.

Deposit: Deposit amount should already be displayed here if not you can manually enter here.

Deposit Amount: Deposit amount should already be displayed if previous steps were taken.

Payment Message: Please enter a message regarding how the customer intends to pay for journey.

How did you hear about us: Please select from drop down menu how the customer found your business.

Internal Profile: Please leave on your eCoachManager profile name.

Salesperson: Please select from the drop down the salesperson that this booking is assigned too.

Notes: If needed please write any notes here,(the customer will see these).