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To input your Company Vehicle data, click on Tools on the Taskbar then Config. Click on Company Vehicles then click on New Vehicle. Input the data for your chosen vehicle, then click Submit to save data. Once you have added a vehicle you can go through the same process to add extra vehicles.


Vehicle Reg No.: Enter the vehicle registration number.

Vehicle Make/Model: Enter the make and model of vehicle.

Vehicle Type: Select from the drop down the vehicle type (this must be entered first in Config>Vehicle Option>Vehicle Types).

Max No. of Passengers: Select the maximum amount of passengers this vehicle can carry.

Fleet Number: If the vehicle has fleet number enter here otherwise leave blank.

Engine Number: Enter the engine number if known, otherwise leave blank.

Chassis Number: Enter the chassis number if known, otherwise leave blank.

Mileage/Km:: Enter the current miles/kms the vehicle has covered.

Registration Date: Enter the date vehicle was first registered, or leave blank.

Purchase Date: Enter the date the vehicle was purchased, or leave blank.

Sale Date: Enter the date the vehicle was sold if not known leave blank.

MOT Expiry: Enter the date of MOT expiry.

Tax Expiry: Enter the date the tax expires.

Insurance Expiry: Enter the date the insurance expires.

Inspection Due: Enter date when the vehicle is due for inspection.

Service Due: Enter date when the next service is due for the vehicle. Tacho calibration date -enter date when last tacho calibration was done.

Available: Turn on if you want the vehicle to be available / off if unavailable.

Notes: Fill in any notes that you might want to keep about the vehicle if none then leave blank.

Manufacturer: List the manufacturer of this vehicle.

Year: Fill in the year the vehicle was manufactured -if not known leave blank.

Door: Fill in how many doors this vehicle has.

Engine Size: Enter engine size.

Fuel Type: Enter either diesel, petrol or alternative.

Automatic Transmisson: If the vehicle has automatic transmisson click on.

Air Conditioned: If the vehicle has Air Conditioning, click on.

Insurance Type: Enter what type of insurance policy covers this vehicle.

Insurance Policy Number: Enter the insurance policy number for the vehicle.

Mileage Last Updated: Enter the date when you last updated the mileage for this vehicle.

Current Value: Enter the current value of this vehicle.