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To add your Company data click on Tools on the Taskbar, then Config. On the left-hand side of your screen, a box opens showing Company data, edit users etc. Click on the Company data and complete the boxes accordingly. When completed press SAVE at the bottom of the page.


Company Trading Name: This is the name that you're company trades under.

Registered company name: Enter your Registered company name.

Registered company number ABN and ACN: This is the official number your company has been registered under * if you do not have a registered company number this field can be left blank.

Driver App Code: The unique code assigned to each company for accessing the ECM driver app.

Billing Profile:


Social Media Accounts: Facebook, Google Plus, and Twitter

Address: The Registered or Trading address of your business.

Telephone: The main number you wish to use to receive enquiries from customers.

Mobile: Your business or personal mobile number to receive SMS messages from eCoachManager. (if you choose to turn that function on ) and for an alternative point of contact for your customers.

Sales email: Default email address you would like sales emails to be sent from.

Operations email: Email address for your operations department to send information to your drivers.

Company color: Choose a color that will highlight quotes and bookings that have come from this company/brand/website system.

Invoice logo: Click the Upload button to find and upload your Company Logo from your files.

Email for enquiry: Your company email for receiving all your enquires, if you choose to turn this feature on.

Email for booking: Your company email for receiving all your bookings, if you choose to turn this feature on.

Email for Coach trip: Your company email to receive your Coach trip bookings, if you choose to turn this feature on.

Currency symbol: Choose the currency symbol appropriate to your business and the Country where you operate.

Currency symbol position: Before/after - choose whether the currency symbol goes before or after the monetary amount.

Balance due: Select how many days before the journey you expect your customers to settle their balance in full.

Deposit default: Select the percentage you want your customers to pay as a deposit to secure their booking.

Auto pricing on/off: Auto pricing generates a price for an enquiry, If turned ON your customers will be able to see the quoted price online through the eCoachManager quotation form. If turned off only your salesperson will be able to see the quoted price. You will need to manually confirm the price to the customer. With Auto pricing turned off you are able to adjust the price before contacting the customer with the quote.

Increase Pricing: This uplifts the price on the auto-generated quotes in % if needed choose a figure and enter.

BCC Optional: Enter an email address to receive a BCC of the email types you selected from the checkboxes.

When completed press Apply at the bottom of the page.