Assign a driver or vehicle to a job

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To assign a driver to a job, from the right hand side of the booking screen choose Driver Details. Then choose Staff Driver or Push Job A list of your drivers or ECM members will appear depending on the choice made. Complete the details and click Update. You can choose to send an Email confirmation and the driver will receive an Email. To ensure the driver receives an SMS notification remember to check this option is turned on in the driver detail section.

To assign a vehicle to a job, follow the same procedure as above to Driver Details. In the same box that you added your driver details your will see Vehicle which will be showing Unassigned. Click on this to choose the vehicle for the job and once chosen click Update to save.


Staff Driver: If assigning your own staff driver to this job click next to staff driver.

Push Job: If you want to assign job to another company who uses eCoachManager please select here.

Driver: From the drop down menu please select the driver you wish to use for this journey.

Driver Pay: You can choose to enter the amount you are going to pay your driver here.

Journey Part: From the drop down menu please select what part of the journey you will allocate this driver to perform.

Outbound Hours: This field should automatically be populated no need to complete.

Drivers Notes: Enter any instructions you want the driver to be notified about regarding this job.

Driver Name: This should be automatically populated unless you have passed the job to another operator, then you will need to manually insert the driver name.

Driver Mobile Number: This should be automatically populated unless the job has been passed to another operator, then you will need to insert the mobile number manually.

Vehicle: From the drop down box select the vehicle you want to assign to the driver for this journey.

Send email: Turn on if you want the driver to receive the itinerary for this job via an email.