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To add a driver to your system go to Contacts on the Taskbar then choose Drivers. Click on New Driver and complete the form with relevant information, once completed click on save.

To edit details for drivers already on the system, click on the pen in edit box for the individual driver.


Username: Please choose a username for your driver, this will give him access to view his job specific tasks on the system.

Password: Choose a password for this driver.

First Name: Enter the drivers first name.

Surname: Enter the drivers surname.

Days Available: Please select the days your driver is available by holding shift on the keyboard and left clicking on the mouse to highlight in blue.

Time Available: Please select what hours your driver is available by using the slider on the hours and minutes and click done.

Date Joined: From the calendar choose the date that the driver joined the company.

Postal Address: Please input drivers full address of residence.

email: Enter the drivers email address.

Home Phone: Enter the drivers home phone number.

Mobile: Enter the drivers mobile number.

Vehicle: Please select from the drop down vehicle box which vehicle you wish to assign to this driver. Leave on select if you do not want to assign any particular vehicle to this driver.

Bank Name: Enter the name of the bank where the driver holds their account.

Account Name: Enter the drivers name as it appears on his bank account.

Account Number: Enter the drivers bank account number.

Sort Code: Enter the drivers bank account sortcode.

Emergency Contact: Enter a contact name and number for the driver that can be used in case of emergency.

Emergency Contact 2: Enter a secondary contact name and number if needed.

Driving License: Copy the drivers licence and upload onto system.

CRB Check: Copy the drivers CRB check and upload to system.

CRB Issue Date: Enter drivers CRB date of issue.

Contract: Upload the drivers contract of employment.

Deposit Held: Enter the drivers deposit if held, otherwise leave blank.

Notes: Enter any notes about the driver here that may be relevant.

Enabled: Turn on if driver is available (if turned on driver can be allocated to jobs).