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You can create an account for individual customers by clicking on Finance on the Taskbar then Accounts. Click on New Account and fill in the details as required, when completed click Save.

To edit an existing account click on Finance on the Taskbar then Accounts. A list of your customer accounts will appear, click on the name of the customer you wish to edit and complete the information as required.

If your customer has a number of users who wish to use the system, you can create a profile for each user by completing the information required and then clicking Create Profile.


Reference: Please enter a reference number here for this account.

Name: Enter the name of the account customer (for example the company name).

Address: Enter the full address of this account customer including postcode.

Contact Name: Enter the contact name of the person who this account is held under.

Phone: Enter full contact telephone number.

email: Enter account customers full email address.

Password: Create and enter a password for this account customer(they will be able to log in and see invoices,pay bills etc).

Credit Limit: If you have set a credit limit for this account customer please enter the amount here.

Notes: Enter any notes regarding this account customer for your records,(but be aware that if you allocate a password to this customer they will be able to view any notes you have about them) and click save.